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About Speedvette
Speedvette is owned and operated by Jeff Monchilov.

Jeff has been working on cars since his early teens and has completed many projects; everything from muscle cars to classic cars to trucks.   Two resto-mod projects he completed include the '65 Mustang and '64 Corvette you see below.  

Speedvette the business evolved from a headlight project on an '80 Vette.  The original concept was to graph new C6 headlights into the body of a C3.  But as many projects do, this one became a much bigger undertaking.  The idea developed that you could create a car that looked like a new C6 vette on the original frame of a C3.  As work began on the front clip, a new hood was developed.  The read clip was designed around factory C6 tail and marker lights.  Moving inside the car, a new dash was created around the center console of the C6.   This is a complete conversion; including rocker panels, termination panels, headlight brackets and front spoiler.  In addition a complete convertible rear clip was designed which includes the deck lid and waterfall.  
 The final result - complete body kits to convert your C3 to either a coupe or convertible C6.  

Currently  Speedvette is developing new products for C4's.  These include side pipes, front and read bumpers to include original 69 chrome, and side vents.  
A division of Monchilov Muscle Cars, Inc.